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By George Christopher Thomas, Travel Writer

UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE – In America I am hardly ever on a train.  If I was to take one it would be a special occasion.  However, while in England I find myself on a train almost every day.  Here is some food for thought, from London to Grantham, where my in-laws live, normally would take 2 ½ hours by car.  On a train it takes an hour and ten minutes.  I have many theories on this, but my top two are trains do not encounter a lot of traffic, and when you are traveling 100 miles per hour it tends to take a shorter amount of time to get to your destination.

There are many fun things to do on a train, for example right now I am writing this brief little travel article about trains, and I’m on a train.  Sometimes, especially during the winter I like to look outside and imagine the days of old.  It must have been really cold back in Robin Hood’s time, with castles and cold bricks.  Mr. Hood never took a train, but I bet he would have liked them.  It is also a perfect place to play cards, either way, the next time you are in England and find yourself on a train, think of Robin Hood and play Go Fish.

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