Travel in London, England.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Travel Writer & International Jet Setter George Christopher Thomas has announced his plan to compile all of his travel articles into a book called “On Assignment.”

“I consider it a joy and an absolute privilege to travel the world and report on different destinations.  Getting a chance to see various cultures, experience new places, and try local delectable delights has been a real life dream come true.  I really look forward to bringing all of these different travel articles into a book, so people can read about and feel inspired to get up and travel on,” said George Christopher Thomas.

The first series of articles for the book will be on London, England with an in-depth profile of all the historic places and how to get around in the city.

“London is really easy to navigate once you get the hang of how the tube works.  After you clear that hurdle, it is smooth sailing and your ability to enjoy one of the world’s greatest cities is as easy as pie. I always like to fly in on the red eye to Heathrow, and then catch the Piccadilly underground line to a hotel in Knightsbridge.  I would recommend the Levin Hotel or maybe the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.  Both are right off the subway line, and are luxurious and lovely to stay in, the Captial Hotel in Knightsbridge is also quite nice.”

The latest press trip for Thomas takes him all over London, from Buckingham Palace, to the London Eye, to a dinner cruise on the River Thames.  For any American visiting London for the first time, definitely review the articles Thomas has written on the great city.  It is worth a look and will help planning your trip immensely.  (Please check out for all of the latest travel news and information on London, England.)

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