And the World Goes Round

“…World Goes Round…” Spins with Musical Magic!

Written By Lorenzo Marchessi
Opening March of 1991 in an off-Broadway theatre in New York, composers John Kander and Fred Ebb together composed a library of songs and hits that have moved theatre audiences for decades. The No Ho Art’s Center in North Hollywood brings this wonderful ensemble of performers and songs together in the production of, “And The World Goes Round.” Plan on an evening of music, dance comedy and songs you’ll be singing when you walk out the door.And the World Goes Round

Using a very stylized set designed by Thomas Giamario and the unique lighting design by Mathew Richter, director Gary Lee Reed makes a wonderful showcase of talent and music come to life in very fun, witty and musically entertaining way. Now add some incredible dance steps and routines (even on roller skates) choreographed by Noel Britton and you have a wonderful Broadway style review right here in North Hollywood!

Stringing the songs together with looks and themes both in costume and lighting, this musical extravaganza is lead by Pianist Joshua Eli Kranz who plays all the melodies that you’ll be be tapping your feet too and singing along with. What I really enjoy most is a live performance by versatile and energetic performers and this company here in “And The World Goes Round…” is truly talented amazing to watch and listen too. Their young, excited and full of character and life and with each vocal performance seem to be more engaging and enchanting with each song.

Keep a close eye on Erica Hanrahan-Ball because her vocal talents, keen attitude and sparkling charm glow through her performance with amazing energy and passion. Erica sings “Colored Lights”, “Ring Them Bells” and her show stopping rendition of “All That Jazz” is really something to marvel at! Erica has a beautiful voice and has incredible harmony and watching her eyes and facial expressions just adds to her talented singing abilities and spot-on dancing moves!

Ryan Ruge has an amazing vocal range that makes for an exhilarating lift of your spirits as he sings “Mary Me”, the whimsical “Sara Lee” and his show stopper“Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago! Ryan gives it his all and his amazing characterizations actually compliment his songs tenfold! He gave such an intense performance and delivered it with amazing heart and realism.
Now you want to see power in a small package? Kristin Towers-Rowles, is a dynamite little woman with a big voice and dance skills that will keep you mesmerized all night long. She entertains you with “Arthur In The Afternoon”, “City Lights” and her heartfelt and beautiful renditions of “A Quiet Thing” and Isn’t This Better. I loved her energy and enthusiasm with each song and dance step she performed.And the World Goes Round TWO

Knocking her voice right out of the stratosphere was the powerful and incredible vocal talents of Emily King Brown. Wow…can Emily hold her notes! Starting soft and slow with “My Coloring Book” and building passion with “Maybe This Times”. Emily does some incredible funny duets with Erica in “Class” and “The Grass Is Always Greener”. Isaac James enters the stage and he delights you with his energy and vocal styling’s with his wonderful and emotional renditions of “ I Don’t Remember You”, “Kiss Of The Spiderwoman” and “We Can Make It”. Isaac can dance and sing and move you all at the same time.

The entire ensemble is amazing when they are singing together. Their timing and vocal skills actually compliment the harmony and musical timing of each song to make it sound like these four have been singing together since birth and never missed a note. They will all “wow” you with songs “Money, Money”, “New York, New York”, “Yes” and the one and only showstopper “Cabaret”. When they do“Coffee In A Cardboard Box” you’ll be rolling on the floor. They can dance, they can make you laugh and above all they can sing. For a musical delight check out “And The World Goes Round” as soon as you can. Fun for the whole family, you are in for an evening of real musical treat!

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