BIG ISLAND, HAWAII — With vistas from the mile-wide black sand beach to the 1200-foot splendor of the twin Hi‘ilawe Falls, Hawaii’s highest single-fall waterfalls, join us for an ATV tour to the top of Waipi‘o – a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

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Ride your own ATV through breathtaking scenery and unimaginably grandiose panoramic views. We pass through eucalyptus and ginger forests on our three-plus hour journey through former sacred royal land where access is limited. Swim in the headwater of Hi‘ilawe, see the back side of the Parker Ranch lands, go to the top of Waipi‘o, be one of the few – RideTheRim!

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Inhabited by 50 generations of Hawaiians for over a thousand years, Waipio Valley IS “old Hawaii” – a place that time forgot. It is serene, awe inspiring and majestic – the very essence of why visitors flock to the islands. Of premiere importance in old Hawaiian legends and lore, this mystical place was once the political and religious center of Hawaii, the birthplace, home or burial grounds of Hawaiian royalty for a millennium. Known as the ‘Valley of Kings’, it radiates with a resounding mana (power) – from its 2000-foot sheer walls to the amazing abundance of the valley floor below.

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