Gun Garage In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV — Gun Garage is the state-of-the-art Las Vegas shooting range that puts a bang in your visit to Vegas that the casinos just can’t match.  Whether you are a longtime gun enthusiast or a curious beginner, you can experience the excitement of shooting a variety of automatic and semi-automatic guns in Gun Garage’s brand-new, 12-lane Las Vegas shooting range.

Imagine the thrill of firing rounds from an M4 carbine, a favorite of the U.S. military, or hitting a bull’s eye with a classic 1911 pistol in a Las Vegas shooting range that is the last word in safety and sophistication.  Make your wedding, birthday or corporate event special with a trip to Gun Garage today.
Gun Garage’s ultra-modern Las Vegas shooting range offers an experience that is as affordable as it is memorable, with an amazing assortment of rifles, shotguns and pistols and themed experiences to fit every budget.
Our 12-lane Las Vegas shooting range is an exciting alternative to gambling in the casinos or watching a show on the strip. Our customers shoot firearms such as M4 carbines, AK47s, UZIs and Tommy guns in a safe facility staffed by professional range instructors.

A visit to Gun Garage’s Las Vegas firing range is ideal for families with older children who want to learn more about firearms and develop shooting skills. Because we stress safety at all times, we allow only children older than 8 years old who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian into the range.  (

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