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MAUI, HAWAII – Here in up country Maui at the historic Haiku Plantation Inn, the home was built as the residence for the first doctor of the Hawaiian Sugar Company. It was a grande home for that era, of which few remain today. The estate continued as home for several Maui doctors right through the 1980’s. Many local families, from Maui’s north and upcountry areas, still remember the days of house calls; First on wagons across dirt and mud roads and continuing right through the 1980’s.

Haiku Plantation Inn began as a house of healing in the 1870’s. Today, it serves as a beautiful bed and breakfast and a place for guests to unwind and relax while on Maui, “voted the best island to visit”.

“The home is crafted from Maui island pine and old Douglas fir and with its 12 foot ceilings it is a true, classic, pre-turn of the century Hawaiian plantation. The home is an architectural statement for its time, with many of its pine beams and flooring traveling around the horn on sailboats to arrive at its final destination. The home remains architecturally sound and is often used by builders as a reference for vintage Hawaiian styling. As they say, “This is the real deal”. Large original plantation windows still boast hand blown glass from the 19th century. The honeymoon suite, or plumeria suite, has its old original cast iron claw tub. Even the pedestal sinks in the guest suites are original and were in use over 100 years ago. We’ve struggled to keep as many original fixtures and design elements of the house in tact, in order to keep this lovely old home stable in its time and era. A gem in the history of Maui and a true architectural archeological find,” said the Innkeeper.

With old world charm, the inn provides modern amenities. Cable television, garden hot tub, lovely gazebo, wellness cottage for private Hawaiian wellness or spa treaments, internet access, and the beautiful gourmet kitchen with its 14 ft ceilings and commercial gas range. A great place in the afternoon for an island ice cream or a smoothie break.

“Our two acre estate is nestled among historic grounds. Many of the original trees, shrubs and flowers planted over 100 years ago still thrive here at the estate. The area’s oldest Mango tree, original Norfolk Pines and majestic Royal Palms frame our boundaries, while traditional Hawaiian plantings and native species blend with the Western style missionary gardens. Spectacular tropical displays of colorful flowers bloom all around the property and bountiful and delicious fruit grow. A tour around the grounds provides a snap shot in time and a glimpse into history when Hawaiian and Western culture blended around the 1880’s.”

“Sugar production was in its infancy and it was decided that a doctor’s office should be close to the Sugar Mill. The house served as both residence and office for many years. Modern and historical signs of sugar and pineapple production are still present on our grounds and within the area for our guests to experience. The home remained as the doctors residence once pineapple production became in full swing here in Haiku.  The libby corporation had a large cannery just up the street and Haiku became focused on canning the sweet fruit. Once, the old Kahului railroad roared across the back of our property and remains today only a memory. Remnants of the railroad, old tools, and mill stones are still here. Modern Haiku, a quaint village setting, has transformed its old pineapple canning plant into a unique shopping arcade with eateries, small shops, grocery store, pharmacy, the new doctor’s office, post office, several convenience stores, dance and yoga studio, and even a local gym,” said the Innkeeper.

All a short 5 – 10 minute stroll from the Inn providing all the amenities of a small town.  (

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