By George C. Thomas, Travel Writer

PAIA, MAUI, HAWAII – If you like chilling and getting away from it all, then the Lumeria Yoga Retreat on Maui is the place for you.  Having never really done yoga, I thought this would be a great place to get indoctrinated into the practice.  After all, those people always seem happier, and definitely more limber.

LumeriaYoga1After we landed in Maui we meandered over to the property, which is not very far away at all from the airport.  You certainly change your mindset as you pull into the gravel driveway.  My first impression was relaxation and a silence that would allow you to listen to birds and hear the winds blow through the trees.

Our host was as gracious and nice as a gentleman could be, and we checked into the lobby and were shown to our room.  My goals were to lay down in a hammock and then go for a swim.  As it turns out, my extensive to do list was possible, and I changed into my swimsuit for a lazy afternoon.

LumeriaYoga2Everything about the Lumeria Yoga Retreat was wonderful.  The property and grounds are big enough to feel secluded, but small enough to wander around and explore.  My wife did end up taking a yoga class, and I watched taking notes for later.  Like golf or bowling, I prefer to have some privacy to slightly mask my lack of talent.  But this was the starting point of my yoga journey and hanging out in Paia at a luxury retreat isn’t that bad any way you slice it.

The swim was lovely, and we drove two minutes into town for a nice dinner by the beach after decompressing for the entire afternoon.  Usually it takes a few days to get onto “Hawaiian Time,” but chilling at the Lumeria Yoga Retreat expedites the process, and you can begin recharging your soul immediately.  (Maui Education & Wellness Retreat | Lumeria Maui)


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