By George C. Thomas, Travel Writer

LAHAINA, MAUI, HAWAII – If you like great food, delicious drinks, and a party atmosphere while you are on vacation, then Fleetwood’s On Front Street is the place to be.  Although it is technically a restaurant owned by a Rockstar in Maui, you would be pleasantly surprised at the level of posh fancy elegancy that the establishment has with a classy beach feel.  And that is just the first impression, after you dine here, you will be looking forward to the next time for sure.

Fleetwood1We must have called when all the stars were in line, because for our reservation we had the best seat in the house.  Right next to the live music but a short enough distance away so we could chat, the atmosphere and ambience were perfect. I ordered the beef wellington, and it was divine.  My wife and I usually split a cheeseburger wherever we go, it is like a food barometer while we are on vacation, and the burger was delicious.  This restaurant is top of the line and a perfect place to enjoy an evening out in Maui.  (Fleetwood’s On Front St.)


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