By George C. Thomas, Travel Writer

KAANAPALI BEACH, MAUI, HAWAII – After a morning of golf, there is no better activity than spending time on an afternoon whale watching excursion.  On one of our press trips pre-pandemic times we had a lovely evening with Teralani and their locally famous dinner cruise.  Throughout the course of the night we must have seen at least ten humpback whale breaches.  One was like 10 yards away, and even the crew were out of their minds.  The humpback whales were definitely back in Hawaii around Christmas time.  It is quite the challenge to capture it on film, but everyone tried.

Teralani1The sunset over Lanai was beautiful, and the Mai Tai’s were delicious. A great time had by all. Did you know whales live to be 125 years old? Did you know they can weigh over 100 tons? They also do not eat while in Hawaii, are only here to mate and give birth, and end up losing 1/3 of their body weight over the winter. And one of the local marine biologists on the cruise informed me they also have lots of earwax. Go figure.  Imagine the size of their Q-tips.  (Teralani Sailing Charters | Maui Snorkeling | Maui Sunset Sails | Maui Whale Watching | Maui Sailing)


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