There’s a fake cop going around and posing as a police officer. Some of the incidents happened near Lawrence Middle School. He’s posing as a police officer and arresting young girls.

One of the girls was 14 years old that he tried to arrest. Another young girl was molested after the fake officer said he needed to place a tracking device on her bra.

The suspect is around 20 years old. They say he looks either Asian or Hispanic and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. He has brown eyes and brown hair.

One of the times he was spotted he was wearing a Superman shirt and the other time his shirt had some sort of logo on it.

Police say that any real police officer has a badge that is blue, has his name, and also a picture of the policeman on it. Some of the police officers are plain clothed officers and have badges worn around their neck like a necklage. These badges will have the same identification on them. Any one who is confronted by such officer should always ask to look at the badge and make sure it is authentic.

If you have any information regarding this suspect, please call (818) 832-0609

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