Just announced by the Los Angeles Police Department is the news about the RHD (robbery homicide Detectives) taking over the case of the beating of Bryan Stow. The LAPD feel that the RHD is much better equipped to investigate a case that is this complex. Plus a case that has taken this long is also a good reason.

Giovanni Ramirez, who is the primary suspect, is still being held on $1 million bail. But not for the beating, he is being held for a parole violation. The LAPD can keep him detained until June 20th. So he can get out of jail two ways. One, wait until June 20th or two, come up with bail for the $1 million.

He could bail out in a couple of ways. One, come up with $1 million cold hard cash or two, work with a bail bonds company. But even if he works with the bail bonds company, he still needs to come up with $100,000. All bail bonds companies take a state regulated fee of 10%.

Why hasn’t Ramirez been formally charged for the Bryan Stow beating? For now the court administrator has not found enough cause to formally charge him for the beating.

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