Update: Driver’s Name is Christine Dahab and she is 27 years old. She told the police that she didn’t see the bicyclists because she was looking down at her phone. Its been stated that she was traveling at 60 miles per hour. The name of the group that she ran in to is called Midnight Ridazz. She is being held on $15,000 bail bonds.

The cyclists bear some responsibility because they were in the road in an area that was dimly lit. They had also been in the park after hours which is not allowed and there was evidence of alcohol, condoms, and marijuana in the area where they were hanging out.

100 bicyclists set out Thursday morning for their weekly ride and had no idea they would all have their lives in their hands later that evening. The driver has been charged with felony DUI with bail probably set at $50,000. The normal bail for felony DUI is $50,000, but that might change due to the seriousness of the offense. It’s also possible that the driver was texting before the collision, but that report is not yet confirmed.

not the real picture of this event, just a depiction.

Around 2am Thursday, 6/16/22, the collision happened. Some of the bicyclists had stopped at Jefferson Boulevard and Hetzler Road. They had pulled over to wait for some of the riders that had lagged behind. At this time a few riders noticed a white Civic closing in at a high rate of speed and then bicycles and riders were flying everywhere. The driver actually hopped the curb and plowed through the 100 cyclists.

In the aftermath, eleven riders were admitted to the local hospitals and two of them were critically injured.

When the riders were stopped at the cross street they were in the bike path, side walk, and a couple were closer to the right lane.

Details on the driver’s condition and whether or not he/she was texting while driving are not in yet.

The normal bail bonds for this offense is $50,000 as stated before and depending on the driver’s record and the judges decision the cost of the bail bonds could go up. The driver could also stay in jail and appear before the judge to lobby for a lower bail or even for getting out on their own recognizance. When arrested, the court date is usually set within the next couple days unless the defendant bails out, then the court date will be set about 2 months out.

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