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Adopt a Pet Empress

Adopt a Pet Empress

NAME: EMPRESS DATE IN: 3/28/07 FROM: L.A. Animal Shelter Transfer DOB: 10/5/05 BREED: Female, Pit X WEIGHT: 46 lbs. —————————— Dogs Okay, No Cats, Must Know Breed, Experienced Owner, Mandatory 6-Week Training Required at Owner’s Expense As you should be able to tell by my name, I’m royalty and I deserve the finest! It will […]

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Travel Tips of the Week 4-30-07

Euro Map

By Jean Strauber, Travel Writer Cosmos, a member of the Globus family, welcomes the traveler on a limited budget. A vacationeer can enjoy a Europe holiday priced from only $90 per day. The Cosmos travel package includes sightseeing, meals and land transportation for less that what some hotels could cost you on your own. A […]

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New Civic Award Celebrates Community Service

The Latino Coalition

Many Latino and Hispanic entrepreneurs have made it their business to give back to the community. And as their businesses continue to grow (they generated $220 billion in one year alone, according to The Latino Coalition), the benefits to the community are expected to increase as well. A new civics awards program may help boost […]

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Coffee Rough on the Stomach? Try an Acid-Free Roast

Coffee Cup

For millions of Americans, mornings just aren’t the same without a cup of joe. In fact, coffee ranks as one of the most popular drinks in the United States, with Americans drinking more than 300 million cups of it every day, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America. But for some people, a little […]

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Tips for Teaching Healthy Habits When School Is Out

Kids Playing

Summer vacation: Many children and teens view this less-structured time as an opportunity to sleep late, watch TV and snack on whatever they choose. This can present a challenge for working parents. Recent studies cite the need for parental involvement, especially during school vacations, in developing and reinforcing healthy habits for children at home. “There […]

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Adopt a Pet Tina

Adopt a Pet Tina

TINA DATE IN: 3/30/07 FROM: Public Intake DOB: 4/15/02 BREED: Female, DLH, Black/White Tina is a smart, beautiful, funny cat who gets into all sorts of silly situations. She has a gorgeous long coat and  is a sweetheart of a cat who is looking for someone who loves to laugh, play and cuddle. darylMore Posts

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Adopt a Pet Andy

Adopt a Pet Andy

ANDY DATE IN: 3/14/07 FROM: L.A. Animal Shelter Transfer DOB: 12/1/06 BREED: Male, Shepherd X Dogs Okay, Adult Home Only, Experienced Owner, Puppy Classes Required Andy is quite young, active and a little strong willed so the more training he gets, the better.  Most of all, he is very affectionate and will love to curl […]

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Learning How To Manage Government Contracts


(NAPSI)-Whether it’s a matter of national defense, homeland security, agriculture, transportation or space exploration, the work of the government is increasingly being performed by outside contractors. The federal government spends approximately $388 million on contracted goods and services every year, more than half of which is spent on services. Relying on contractors allows agencies greater […]

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Biblical Tales For Families To Share

(NAPSI)-A growing number of families are discovering that films of biblical tales are not only exciting, they’re fun to experience together. To their delight, an increasing number of breathtaking films in this vein have been released on DVD that are perfect for gift giving. The collection of epic biblical titles features legendary actors including Charlton […]

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Police Dog Captures Robbery Suspect

LAPD K9 Unit

Los Angeles: An LAPD K-9, named Axel, captured a man wanted on a robbery warrant after detectives saw the man during a stakeout in the San Fernando Valley on April 10, 2007. It was about 9:40 in the morning when two detectives were staked out on a car that was used in a robbery. When […]

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