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Car Rental Tips

air and sunshine. If you’re planning a trip this spring, the last thing you want to worry about is your car rental.

Rent-A-Wreck has some car rental tips to help get the right car and best value for those long weekends and getaways.

1. Research car rental companies before your trip. Call ahead or use the Internet to find out which companies are in the area and their rates and policies. Check online for discounts and last-minute rates.

Reserve your car ahead of time and call the renting location at least a week in advance to confirm the reservation. Always ask for hours of operation and return policies. Many locations offer a key drop or off-hour returns, but don’t assume that all do.

2. Consider “neighborhood” (non-airport) car rental companies. These locations usually offer more reasonable rates and will often come to the airport to pick you up. Off-site rental locations have grown in popularity with budget-conscious travelers who take advantage of lower rates resulting from the absence of airport fees that are passed on to the customer.

3. Choose the right mileage plan, and pay attention to fuel efficiency.

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