Lumeria Yoga Retreat

By George Christopher Thomas, Travel Writer

MAUI, HAWAII — I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m., but the roosters on the property got together and made a committee recommendation that everyone is to get up at 6:15 a.m.

The nicest thing about waking up in Maui is when you wake up, and realize you are in Maui.  Here I am, 3 miles up Baldwin Avenue in Paia staying at the Lumeria Yoga Retreat.  The property is amazing, the feel and vibes are healing, and the birding is incredible.  (Harry Fuller would love it!)
Our room had everything but a television.  In fact, every room at the yoga retreat is without a television.  But that just leads to walking around, looking at nature, and hanging out in hammocks.  What would I have really watched, a law and order re-run?

The Lumeria Yoga Retreat serves breakfast starting at 7 a.m.  By that time I had already walked the property, had a cup of coffee, and showered twice.  Sometimes, when the property and accommodations are really super nice, I take two showers, that way if I get extra dirty throughout the day I am double covered.

The bed was like sleeping on cotton clouds.  Joanne has never had a problem sleeping, but sometimes I like to wake up in the middle of the night and chase the cat around.  I had no such feelings, and slept on the cotton cloud bed through the entire night.
There is something about Maui, the chill and relaxed vibes soak all the way to your bones.  Here I am on the first full day, and I feel like I’ve been here a week already.  Another great thing about Hawaii is all the colorful birds.  The beauty of their feathers alone is worth snapping a photo or two, and they are quite delicious if you can catch them.

I absolutely loved staying at the Lumeria Yoga Retreat.  They have hammocks spread throughout the property, and you can just hang out and read your book, contemplate the road to Hana, or decide if you are going windsurfing.
They have a pool and spa, which happened to be the first thing we explored after landing in Maui and checking into the retreat.  After a 5 hour flight, and going through baggage claim and renting a car, the first thing you really want to do is soak in the spa and go for a swim in the pool.  I have found this to be an enjoyable way to start your vacation, and I may have to make it a tradition.

Another added bonus about the Lumeria Yoga Retreat is how close it is to Paia and the airport.  After we rented our fashionable red jeep, we were at the property within fifteen minutes.  And going into town is just a few minutes down Baldwin Avenue.
The Lumeria Yoga Retreat is the place to be, with an authentic Hawaiian feel, and tiki torches adding to the ambience in the evenings.  I highly recommend staying here the next time you are in Maui, even if you are spending the majority of your time at the resorts on the other side of the island, this place is great to start off or finish off your trip.  Plus, the best restaurant in all of Maui is just ten minutes away, and if you are on the north shore of Maui, you must eat at Mama’s Fish House.

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