Councilman Kambiz Merabi


VAN NUYS, CA — Kambiz Merabi (pictured), an American businessman, was born in Tehran, Iran, and grew up in Great Neck, New York. As he developed his career in the real estate business and founded his company Merabi and Sons, Merabi largely focused on luxury commercial real estate in major cities throughout the United States, primarily New York City and Los Angeles.

As a chief executive, Merabi is influential for many reasons, one of which is his company’s AAA credit rating. Only 18 U.S. real estate companies hold that credential, and it gives Merabi and Sons a huge competitive advantage in the real estate business. Given that success in the industry depends heavily on finance, an excellent credit rating ultimately brings in higher profit.

Merabi and Sons purchases and manages luxury buildings ranging from apartments to offices to shopping centers. Kambiz took over Merabi and Sons in the fall of 1998 and states that the company overcame the 2007/2008 resection gracefully.

Today, Merabi maintains an active involvement in the company, although his trusted team runs the firms on a day to day basis. In 2014, Merabi views his real estate portfolio, along with the recent launch of his Hospitality Business Network, as steps in the creation of a globe-spanning real estate powerhouse. On a local level, Merabi and Sons own and manage the three-story Friar Professional Building, comprising 60 offices at 14545 Friar Street in Van Nuys. The glass and granite building is adjacent to the Van Nuys Government Center.

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