Bob Hertzberg

Mr. Hertzberg will make an excellent State Senator and has delivered for the Valley in the past.  Hertzberg had a great run as Speaker of the Assembly, knows what he is doing in regards to state government, and is an incredibly effective legislator.  Hertzberg secured over $165 million for the development of the Orange Line, over $225 million for sound walls, and over $50 million for the performing arts center at California State University Northridge (CSUN).


He will represent the Valley with tremendous energy and forcefulness, and will make sure the Valley gets its fair share in Sacramento.  Over the past year, Hertzberg has spent over $1.5 million dollars on his campaign, reaching out with community coffees, and visiting every neighborhood council in the State Senate district.  During his time as Speaker of the Assembly, Hertzberg had over 600 interns and 400 commissioners come through his office, and he plans on doing the same thing as State Senator.


Hertzberg has one eye on the horizon, and one eye on the details.  He will bring in the jobs, and will help work with the community colleges developing the workforce of the future.  Bob Hertzberg is going to deliver, and knows how to get it done.  He has earned your vote this Tuesday, please cast your ballot for Bob Hertzberg for State Senate.

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