LAPD K9 Unit

Van Nuys CA — Early Monday morning three women in the Van Nuys CA area were tied up with duct tape during a home invasion robbery. There were three suspects that entered the women’s home and quickly tied them up with duct tape and began to move throughout the house.

LAPD K9 Unit

The house is located on the 13900 block of Archwood. There were three women that were tied up and most of the story was difficult to get from the three women due to a language barrier. The three women spoke Russian.

One of the women actually sustained a bump on the head but the officers are not sure how the injury happened.

There was also a lot of oil-like substance on the floor. Currently there are no descriptions of the burglars. Stay tuned to see if/when we will have the descriptions.

The three suspects went throughout the entire house and looted whatever they could get their hands on. It is not clear yet as if their motive was to burglarize this house because of its contents or burglarize this house because of the three ladies. One of the women was 60 years old and sustained a head injury.

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