Congressman Brad Sherman

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released the following statement in anticipation of tonight’s vote to reopen the government and avoid default:

“Today marks a major victory for sensible governmental decision making and a repudiation of hostage taking. Because of President Obama’s strong stance, it is unlikely that an extremist faction will again demand legislation changes in order to allow the government to function and the country to pay its bills.

“This is a clean CR and a clean suspension of the debt limit. The minor provisions dealing with verifying income of those who will receive subsidies to buy health insurance simply restate current law. Obamacare has not been diminished, delayed, defunded, or even adjusted.

“Over the last 16 days, enormous harm has been done to our standing in the world, our business climate, consumer confidence, and the economy in general. Harm has been done to our federal employees and to those who need to do business with the federal government.

“We need to resolve that never again will our country and our economy be taken hostage by a political faction seeking to accomplish through illegitimate means what they could not achieve through the legislative process.”

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