Nationwide Shutdown, May 1st Shutdown, Pandemic Shutdown, Shutdown America

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Doctors and nurses throughout America, and citizens who just want this Covid-19 pandemic to be over, are calling for a nationwide shutdown until May 1st, 2020.  Over 10,000 people, and the list keeps growing, have signed onto the petition authored by Dr. Nivedita “Pandey” Lakhera who practices medicine in the Bay Area of California.

“We are urging the administration to call for a nationwide shutdown to minimize the spread of the disease, without any further delay. Covid-19 is spreading exponentially. But with a complete shutdown, it will decrease significantly as well. Covid-19 has been declared by the World Health Organization as a pandemic and has been declared a national emergency by President Trump,” said Dr. Nivedita “Pandey” Lakhera.

“Please join our call to action for the nationwide complete shutdown.  We can not let our cities turn into the uncontrolled tragedies that are happening outside the United States. In Hubei, Italy, and now Spain, unfortunately, because of the lack of early intervention, Covid-19 has spread like a wildfire where the healthcare system could not handle it. That led to several preventable deaths. We cannot let that happen here,” said Dr. Nivedita “Pandey” Lakhera.

“In a pandemic like this, nobody should leave home except for medical emergencies, pharmacy runs, or groceries to limit the spread of infection. The time to act is now!” said Dr. Nivedita “Pandey” Lakhera.

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