By Richard A Rofman

Two Ivy League universities, Harvard and Yale, have produced an almost disproportionate number of U.S. presidents. Two other Ivy schools, Princeton and Columbia, have each sent one of their presidents to the White House, Woodrow Wilson and Dwight Eisenhower. But what about the other four Ivies — Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania? I can’t speak for the first three, but Penn has produced three governors and even the president of the University of California system. The governors are Matthew Welsh of Indiana, Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Jon Huntsman, Jr. of Utah, and Mark G. Yudof of the University of California.

One of these men could be President of the United States, IF he would form a third party with Penn’s most prominent personality, Donald Trump! Not only did Huntsman go to Penn, but so did his father, and both were CEOs of Huntsman Chemical Corp. in Utah. Not only did Trump go to Penn, but so did his daughter, and both are prominent TV personalities — an asset in campaigning. Why should Penn give us a presidential ticket? The university is located a scant three miles west of Independence Hall! It’s possible to walk from the Penn campus to the cradle of liberty in downtown Philadelphia. Not only that, but Penn was founded by Benjamin Franklin and is quite close to Valley Forge, where George Washington spent the winter during the Revolutionary War. What can we call this new third party? The PENdependence Party, where Pen stands not only for Penn but also the quill pens used to write and sign the Declaration of Independence.

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