NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — If there’s one place that practices the philosophy of laissez faire, it’s here. Because it’s this street and this hotel where life truly takes its own course, as life should. A place we encourage you to move at your own pace be it a late morning wake up call, a carefree midday swim or a spirited midnight cocktail. It’s where you can discover and indulge with intuition guiding the way in place of an itinerary. Follow the iconic sounds from horns near and far and be guided by the rhythm of Frenchmen Street. And as much as it’s about the laissez, it’s also about the “fare.” The tastes, the drinks and the dishes that make our city, our street, and our hotel such unique destinations in themselves. We invite you to experience it all on your terms. The culture, the flavors, the spirits, the sights, the sounds — it’s all here for you to discover, your way. So, step in, kick back, move fast or move slow, but most importantly, move at your pace and Stay Laissez Faire.  (


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