By George Christopher Thomas, Travel Writer

GDM0SAN DIEGO, CA – The Fairmont Grand Del Mar in North San Diego County is a property that really needs to be experienced first-hand.  From the moment you pull up to the guard gate, you know you are going to somewhere unique and special.  The first fountain you see will transport you to Tuscany in Italy, and your journey into European sophistication will not end until you leave the Fairmont Grand Del Mar at the end of your stay.  Every room is super nice and classy, staying true to the Tuscan theme.

GDM2There are several restaurants on site, including the award-winning Amaya, known for delicious seafood dishes and all-day dining.  They are also the featured restaurant for in room dining, which is a perfect option for families with small children or that romantic dinner with your plus one.

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar is a world class facility, with numerous pools including an “adult only” one to keep cannonballs and extended games of Marco Polo at bay.  There is an 18-hole golf course a pitching wedge away from the front desk, and the layout is designed artfully throughout the canyons and hillsides.  Every hole has a unique character, but there are several that will make you reach for your driver to launch it off the elevated teeing area.  From horseback riding to yoga classes to golf and swimming, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar has it all.  In fact, once you pull into the resort, the chances are you GDM3will stay right there until your vacation comes to an end.  Additionally, during this time of Covid-19, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar has taken every precaution and given every consideration to its patrons to make them safe.  And always being on the cutting edge of the hospitality industry, they take your temperature by using infrared lasers and a magic computer that scans you as you stand in the entryway before going to the front desk to check in.  I was totally intrigued, and asked Jessica on the way out how it worked.  She said I did not have security clearance to know such things, but my temperature scanned in at 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  I always knew I was just a little bit cooler than everyone else.  (For more information and to book a room, please visit


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