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There aren’t too numerous folks that have come in contact with a bail bonds agent or the bail bonds business. Our bail bonds company has over 70 years of expertise with all the jails in Los Angeles County. All through the years we have heard all kinds of questions and have compiled essentially the most well-liked below using the answers following.

Question 1: How much does a bail bonds cost?

Palmdale Bail Bonds
Palmdale Bail Bonds

Answer: 10% or Zero

Explanation: All bail bonds businesses are regulated by the California Department of Insurance. It’s they who mandate that each and every bail agency charge 10% of the total bail. You can find companies out there that both advertise and charge much less and in each instances, they’re operating illegally. The 1 and only time that a company can charge much less is if they utilize the Prop 103 loophole and charge 8% of the total bail.So in the end, you will be charged 10% of the total bail, by way of example; say bail is set at $20,000, you would pay a bail bonds firm $2000 to put up a $20,000 bail bond.

Question 2: What are the Five kinds of bail bonds?

Cash: this is where the defendant will have someone (the signer) take the whole quantity of bail ($20,000) to the court. The court will then hold on to the $20,000 until the defendant attends all court dates and the case is finished. At that time, the $20,000 will likely be given back.
Surety: this really is once you work with a bail bonds company. The surety is the insurance organization which is backing the bail agency. This really is a contract between the bail agency and their insured and when bailed out, with the defendant as well.
Property: If you have property that has enough equity or more in it, you may put up a lien on this property and sign it over to the court for bail. When the case is completed, the paperwork is going to be sent back and the lien will likely be taken off.
Own Recognizance: This when the judges let’s the defendant out of jail with only signing papers for committing to show up for their court appearances. In this scenario the defendant does not have to provide any sort of collateral for the court to hold to insure their return.
5. Citation Release: The arresting
office might release the arrestee prior to they even go to court. This really is referred to as “cite-out”. The defendant is nonetheless responsible for attending all of their courts dates until the case is over.

Question 3: How does one determine the cost of bail?

Answer: The cost is determined specifically by the bail schedule that is written for the specific county that the individual has been arrested in. A bail schedule is related to the penal code which is written to describe and organize the crimes that are committed. There is a bail schedule written for felony charges and a diverse 1 written for misdemeanor charges. An example of this penal code is; PC 243 (3). This is Domestic Battery without traumatic injury. The bail set for this charge is $20,000. This charge is among the most common charges that come by way of a California Bail Bonds company. It’s essentially when two folks are fighting and an individual calls the police, whether or not its one of the individuals or a third party. You’ll find no marks, bruises, or injuries to either person.

Question 4: What exactly is an indemnitor or signer?

Answer: This is the person who is signing for the defendant and accepting responsibility for the defendant to meet all of their court requirements and money requirements. On rare occasions a bail bonds business will accept the defendant to be their own indemnitor, but that is quite rare. Most of the time the defendant generally calls an individual they are close to and that person in turn calls a bail bonds company and they turn out to be the indemnitor.

There have been hundreds of questions that have been fielded by this Palmdale bail bonds company all through the years. We feel that these 4 questions are the most well-liked. For more frequently asked questions really feel free to visit site. 

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