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Every golfer strives to hit longer, straighter tee shots. Hitting second shots from further down the fairway is critical to shooting lower scores. Sure “putt for dough” is ultimately important, but if you’re putting for bogies or worse because you didn’t carry the hazard or missed the fairway, your scores will never reach their maximum potential.

TEF TEE™, the revolutionary new performance golf tee with its patent pending Teflon® coated head, continues to delight and amaze weekend warriors and professional golfers everywhere.

With the top 30 point generators on the senior tour competing for the tour’s biggest prize, TEF TEE™ was trusted by well more than half of the field for great drives when they were needed the most, according to reports from the independent tour reps of Tee Direct Inc., makers of the innovative tees that deliver longer, straighter drives. 7 of the top 10, and 19 of the top 25 finishers relied on the tees with the superior driving performance.

“We are completely overwhelmed by the response of the tour pros to our product,” said Greg MacKeen, inventor of the world’s only performance tees featuring Teflon® Technology. “The list of professionals on the PGA Tour™ and the Champions Tour™ who chose TEF TEE™ as a critical part of their performance equipment reads like a who’s who in the world of golf. Having amassed a combined career total of over 1100 victories, including 75 majors, these Great Players know what it takes to win.”

“To put our results in perspective,” continued Mr. MacKeen, “if you compare TEF TEE™ usage to the two most visible hot trends in golf today, we had more players using our tees than used white drivers or long putters.”


Great Players know that TEF TEE™ delivers Greater Performance three ways:
1. Greater Distance & Accuracy thanks to our patent pending Teflon® technology which results in the lowest friction between the tee and the ball, allowing more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball. In head to head robotic tests with the market leading three pronged tees, Golf Laboratories Inc proved TEF TEE™ out-drove the category leader by 2.5 yards, and they outdistance traditional wood tees by an additional 4 yards.
2. Greater Playability because the 6 prongs make it easier to balance the ball and the rigid shank inserts easily into even the hardest ground.
3. Greater Value because a single tee often last 5-6 rounds, or 15-20 times as long as wood tees, which also helps keep the courses litter free.

The validation of TEF TEE™ as an essential piece of performance enhancing equipment in an unprecedented number of touring pro’s bags has changed that dynamic of the performance tee category. Pro-Shops dedicated to helping their customers improve their game are now choosing to carry the tee that helps their clients play better.

Making the decision to carry performance tees is a win/win/win for the on-course shop:
• Win #1 – they help their members drive the ball longer and straighter and elevate the shops image as a provider of innovative products and ways to play better golf.
• Win #2 – every tee they sell reduces as many as15 the number of tees they giveaway, so operating expenses are decreased while revenues are increased.
• Win #3 – since TEF TEE™ brand tees are incredibly durable, often lasting 5 or 6 rounds, unsightly tee litter is also significantly eliminated, reducing operating costs.

Join the movement to TEF TEE™ — The Fastest Growing Tee on Tour by calling your preferred golf accessory distributor. If they don’t carry TEF TEE™ call 1-800-334-5143 for a distributor near you.

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Tee Direct Inc. is America’s second largest provider of golf tees, servicing the retail, golf shop and printing segments of the market thru regional golf accessory distributors by providing innovative, high quality tees at the best prices.

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