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By Sally Holstein, Golf Writer

I have tried many golf aids and the Putting Alley is simple but very effective. I first started with the wider putting line and thought I was not closing the toe of my putter as the ball kept going to the right. As I consciously finished my putt the ball would go to the left. I turned the Putting Alley over and used the small line, I realized that I was lining up my putt to the right of the target. Once I lined up my putt up correctly, the ball went right into the hole.  This immediately corrected my problem. Another thing I liked about the Putting Alley was the easy way I could set up the ball to putt without bending over and how the ball returns quickly to practice again. It is compact and I can practice my putting anywhere with accuracy.

(Putting Alley is a short putt practice device that uses a raised precise putting surface (27 inches long) as the putting “alley”. After putting, you can determine your putting error by seeing where the ball falls off the raised surface. Eliminate the inconsistent feedback of putting greens!)

Made from high impact plastic, the Original Putting Alley has integrated putting alleys and graphic overlays to focus your attention to make a great stroke. After becoming proficient on the one inch insert, you simply flip the Putting Alley over, and you have a one half inch insert for even higher precision. Benefits include:

  • Eliminates turf irregularities by providing a precise, consistent putting surface.
  • Identifies main putting errors which are putter face angle, swing path and off center impact.
  • Builds muscle memory for putting.
  • Simple loading without bending over, using only your putter.
  • Provides a high number of repetitions in a short period of time.
  • Portable – can use anywhere, rain or shine.

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