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Experience one of the planet’s least-visited destinations in style on a luxury exploration cruise  

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — SouthernExplorations, an award-winning South America travel specialist, is announcing their 2014 and 2015 luxury Antarctic cruises. Using a route to Antarctica via Argentina’s most southern city Ushuaia, Southern Explorations takes guests on truly off the beaten path journeys in Antarctica to the most ‘un-touristed’ places.

A classic Antarctic IcescapeSouthern Explorations’ Antarctica cruises offer guests several distinctive itineraries that vary by type of transport, duration of the trip,included sites, and types of excursions. The vessels used for these luxury journeys are ideally suited for polar exploration and offer guests posh comforts and amenities and an unparalleled wilderness adventure. Southern Explorations offers five luxury cruising options.

Southern Explorations

The Le Boréal, L’Austral and Le Soléal sister ships are superb mega-yachts have a limited capacity of 200 for their Antarctic Expeditions.Guests can experience the intensity of a polar expedition with five-star luxury and service. Although these vessels have the feel of intimate, elegant, private yachts, they meet strictly defined international ice standards and safety regulations. Expert naturalist guides accompany guests to teach them about the Antarctic’s incredible ecology.

Ushuaia - Adventure Class - Antarctica Cruises

The National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Orion are state-of-the-art expedition ships that are equipped with unmatched tools for exploration. The Explorer accommodates 148 passengers and the Orion accommodates 102, and both vessels offer guests a chance to explore remote and wild places in true luxury and comfort, coupled with the informality of an expedition-style adventure. On every expedition, a National Geographic Photographer will give talks and one-on-one photo tips in the field. An Undersea Specialist captures rarely seen footage of life beneath the icy surface for viewing in the comfort of the ship’s lounge, and a professional video chronicler is aboard to capture unforgettable expedition moments. Expert guides also offer advice and information while guests explore the wilderness by Zodiac. These ships also offer optional kayaking expeditions on every journey which is included in the price.

Ushuaia - Adventure Class - Antarctica Cruises

The world-renowned Silver Explorer is a luxury expedition ship, specifically designed for navigating the world’s most remote and remarkable environments. The ship accommodates 132 passengers in a degree of“all-inclusive” luxury and superlative service unmatched by any expedition cruise line, while maintaining an on board atmosphere equally un-regimented and informal–true to the spirit of expedition travel. Silver Explorer has a nice-strengthened hull that enables her to safely push through ice floes with ease,and a knowledgeable and experienced expedition team that provides insight and understanding to each unforgettable Antarctic adventure.

Ushuaia - Adventure Class - Antarctica Cruises

Southern Explorations offers a variety of Antarctic cruises ranging in price, expeditions style, and vessel style. For more information about Southern Explorations, visit

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