Pool In Kona
Pool In Kona
Another tough day by the pool in Kona, Hawaii

Containing more than 360,000 gallons of water and with a combined surface area of 14,100 square feet, the upper, lower and children’s pools mean guests of any age find their special place to relax, nap, splash, squeal and enjoy the warm tropical sun and balmy breezes of Hawaii. Two whirlpool spas are tucked along landscaping and lava rock outcroppings. One spa is 128 square feet in size, the other a generous 135 square feet. A river system connects the upper and lower pools, leads to a waterfall and transitions a 200-foot-long lava tube waterslide. With an elevation change of 24 feet from starting deck to the water and a figure-eight pattern leading to the pool, the thrilling waterslide is the center of pool fun and activity. A 900-square-foot sandy-bottomed children’s pool area includes a large, shallow water sandy beach area for play.

The multi-level pool system begins outside the perimeter of the resort, nestled among black lava rock landscaping. It then meanders in to the center, open-air interior atrium. The calming sound of waterfalls and glistening water can be seen and heard from many of the resort’s walkways, restaurants, lounges and guestroom entryways. The interior atrium pool area is dotted with towering coconut trees and tropical landscaping.

“We have brought the beach to the property, we have brought the outside in, and we really brought the feel of Hawaii to this pool,” said Wendell Lee of the pool’s design firm Groark Design. “Rarely are pools part of the interior design but doing so at Sheraton Keauhou has really provided a tropical setting at the resort and created an unparalleled design that attracts attention and is enjoyable for every guest.”

Guests can enjoy numerous island activities and excursions arranged by resort concierge. In addition to the cultural activities available to guests, the hotel’s location at the water’s edge offers the ideal spot for viewing one of nature’s own unique exhibitions – most evenings, manta rays glide along the shoreline to feed in front of the hotel, delighting onlookers with their graceful maneuvers.


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