Sidekick Caddy

We’ve all walked away from our cart carrying what we think is the right club, only to find our ball, and realize we have the wrong club. Unintentional under clubbing undermines our confidence and sure enough, we leave it short.

The Sidekick lets you take up to four clubs with you along with extra balls – just in case.​ It’s durable construction and patent pending spikes hold the Sidekick upright anywhere on the golf course without harming the turf. You not only have the right clubs right by your side, but they stay dry and plainly in sight. No more short shots, wet grips or lost clubs. The Sidekick slips easily and conveniently over the side of your bag. It features a cigar or towel holder and an alignment guide for practicing on the range.

The Sidekick will improve your game without gimmicks by giving you better, smarter choices around the golf course. Available in black or pink.  (For more information, please visit

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