Two days ago the police apprehended one of the two assailants of Brian Stowe. The Giant’s Fan that visited Dodger Stadium for some R&R and a Dodger dog. After billboards were raised and $200,000 was put up for anyone who might know the whereabouts of the two people who beat up the Giant’s fan, finally a lead was phoned in and one of the bruisers was brought to justice.

Currently his bail is set at $1,000,000. Which means he’ll need to raise $100,000 to get bailed out. S & H Bail Bonds is a company that’s been bailing out people for a very long time and after interviewing them, they said, “even if he was crystal clean and a doctor, we’re not sure we’d bail out someone who decided to kick someone’s head in after they were on the ground, unconscious.”

Apparently the defendant is part of a popular gang, residing in Los Angeles.

The LAPD has received thousands of tips on their hotline and there was even one father that visited the police station and confided in the crime. Quoted asking, “if I confess to these crimes, will my family receive the $200,000?”

We sure live in desperate times.

By daryl

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