MOLOKAI, HAWAII – Some of the best saltwater fishing in the world is in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  And amongst the eight Hawaiian Islands, Molokai is second to none in Marlin, Tuna, Mahimahi, and Ulua aukea fishing.

There are many people who dream of hooking into a Marlin, and successfully landing that beautiful fish on the boat, and Molokai Fishing can make that dream a reality.  The fully equipped AHI sport fishing boat was designed and built specifically for rough Hawaiian waters by Jim Patterson at Force Marine in Hilo.  The Captain is Mike Holmes, one of Hawaii’s most accomplished watermen.  A former Waikiki lifeguard, Mike is also a veteran bodyboarder, surfer, outrigger canoe paddler and steersman, world-class sailor and chief fun hog.  Mike has accumulated over 30 years fishing experience around the main Hawaiian Islands, the US East and West Coasts, the Bahamas, Mexican Pacific Coast and Tahiti.  He also holds a 100-ton captain’s license.

If you are looking to go deep sea fishing, Molokai Fishing will take you trolling along the ledges and deep drop-offs surrounding Molokai for blue water game fish. Most frequently caught are the Mahimahi, Ono, Tuna and Marlin.

If reef fishing along the shore is your thing, nearly the entire south shore of Molokai is fringed by the longest barrier reef in Hawaii. It’s a calm place for small fish to grow up and a great place for the hunters, like the famous Ulua, Kaku and Lai to come looking for a meal.

Molokai Fishing whips with plugs and other artificial lures along the outer edges of the reef for fish that range from 5 to 100 pounds. On medium or light tackle they all put excitement into every hook up. Bring your favorite rod and reel for this activity and expect to break a lot of line!

And if you would like to just cruise around and go snorkeling, Molokai Fishing will take you to the secluded and seldom visited areas along Molokai’s colorful reef where you’ll be able to swim with the huge variety and abundant reef fish. You’ll also see graceful rays and the beautiful Green Sea Turtle.

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