Escape from Planet Earth Movie

It’s Fun, Funny And You Too Will Want To “Escape From Planet Earth!”
Written by Lorenzo Marchessi

Director Carl Bunker (Storyboard Artist on Ice Age Continental Drift and Horton Hears A Who!) in his first feature length animated film as a director, does a really fine job of using quick wit and sarcasm with some obvious jabs at pop culture and took a Tony Leech and Cory Edwards (both writers on Hoodwinked, Hoodwinked Too!) story and a screenplay written by himself and Bob Barlen (short – Push and Turn) and made a really fun family friendly film..

Escape from Planet Earth Movie
Escape from Planet Earth Movie

As you would guess it’s the story of two alien brothers, one a brainier computer nerd mission control operator and the other a masculine, good looking and adorned by all ‘stud’ and star pilot of space exploration for his planet. Well it’s the over ambition of the younger more popular brother who causes his older and wiser brother (and his alien family) to get in big trouble. Where else? On Earth!

Brandon Fraser (The Mummy, Bedazzled) plays the younger and wild brother Scorch Supernova with such flare and arrogance that if you ever had an overly egoistical relative, you’ll relate to how obnoxious they can be. Rob Corddry (W., Blades of Glory) plays the older, wiser and less popular brother Gary Supernova who obviously has been putting up with his brothers pushy obnoxiousness all his life.

Jonathan Morgan Heit (Date Night, Bedtime Stories) plays Gary’s son Kip Supernova and as usual his hearts in the right place but tends to try and help a really bad situation and ends causing a little more trouble than everyone planned on. His kind, smart and definitely strong mother Kira Supernova is played by Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex In The City, Ed Wood). She gets in a few ‘cat fights’ with Lena Thackleman another alien who is the evil henchwoman to the real villain voiced by Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Valentine’s Day).

Now you got to have a bad guy. He has to be in the military. He has to hate aliens and he has to have a world domination goal. Who plays General Shanker of the US Military? Why William Shatner (Star Trek, Boston Legal) himself! I must say he is probably having a great time voicing this role too!

Throw in Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) as the alien newswoman Gabby Babblebrock (and love interest for Scorch) and you have a fun space adventure on Earth! Ricky Gervais (The Office, The Invention of Lying) plays a computer wide system that he tends to give some very funny commentary to all things electronic. More than a little sarcasm is dished out, but definitely for some comic relief.

There is also a band of good aliens that team up with our heroes like the voices of George Lopez (Valentine’s Day, Rio) as slimy alien Thurman and Jane Lynch (Glee, Wreck It Ralph) as the humongous alien Lo. The four of them do some serious bonding and help each other in ways they never expected!

I thought this movie was energetic and had some characters that I think everyone can relate to and has a nice strong message of doing the right thing and the strength that is in family and friends. Good fun for the whole family.

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