Crazy For You - Glendale Centre Theatre

The Gershwin’s’ Really Do It Right In “Crazy For You”

Written By Lorenzo Marchessi
George and Ira Gershwin always have a soft spot on Broadway because of their long tenure with the Musical Theatre. “Crazy For You” was originally adapted in 1930 from another musical called “Girl Crazy”. It wasn’t until 1992 when it opened at the Shubert Theatre, under its new name and new tweaks, that it has been playing in theatre’s around the world ever since!

Crazy For You - Glendale Centre Theatre
Crazy For You - Glendale Centre Theatre

Director and choreographer Orlando Alexander put on lavishly produced and well refined theatre-in-the-round production of “Crazy For You” at the Glendale Center Theatre. Such fun and laughter combined with fanciful song and dance makes for a pure delight of comedy and music!

Set in the 1930’s New York and leading this fine cast is Jason Webb as the excited and somewhat inventive song and dance man Bobby Child trying to break into the “real” show business of the time. Jason’s voice and imitations of his mentor are something to been seen. He has high energy and plays the fish-out-of-water very well! Jason sings, dances, taps and leads his way into everyone’s heart when he sings “K-ra-zy For You” with a real nostalgic feel!

It’s Jason who sees and falls passionately for Polly in the old west town called Deadrock, who is sharply tom-boyishly played by Lyndie Renee who has the most amazing voice especially when she sings “Someone To watch Over Me”. Lyndie turns on her own charms and proves that being a woman is not just about being pretty and boy her quick witt and sharp words will make you laugh.

Now watching the unique and stylistic comic timing of Danny Michaels as Bela Zangler, the showman of shows, will keep you in stitches and he has an incredible voice as well. When Jason and Danny sing “What Causes That?” you will laugh and stare as they amazingly mirror each other in song and dance, step for step, and action for action!

Enter the Deadrock proprietor Lank, who not only has Polly in his sights for his own but is out to stop Bobby and prove he is a scam is Edward Chamberlain who shines with as much of the old west style saloon owner and attitude as you would expect over 80 years ago!

Now add some family spice by adding Bobby’s mother and his current, yet not desirable materialistic “girlfriend” who she thinks she is his fiancée! The sophistication of a rich mother is played exquisitely by Dynell Leigh and the rich girl-next-door debutante is wickedly played by Lindsay Kristine Anderson. Both Dynell and Lindsay have some very hysterical conversations that are nothing short of comical fireworks as they obvious despise each other!

A couple of fun performances come from Polly’s father Everett played by Nick Menecola who really changes his mind when the show comes to town to raise money for a bankrupt theatre. Also Todd Andrew Ball and Kate Landro play an eccentric English couple who go onto map the world that is if they can get passed Deadrock. All three, Todd, Nick and Kate are having a blast enticing all the other characters!

This show has a great ensemble cast of Follies girls who can really sing and dance like; Bernadette Bentley as Betsy, Lorie Fedor as Mitzi, Christa Hamilton as Patsy, Anna Lamonica as Susie, Daron O’Donnell as Elaine, Anne Schroeder as Louise and Libby Snyder as Margie.

Not to mention a swaggering ensemble of cowboys who swoon all the ladies like; Espiridion Magana as Mingo, Raymond Barcelo as Moose, Greg Hardash as Sam, Travis Morse as Junior, Justin Radford as Pete, Kevin Holmquist as Jimmy, Paul Reid as Custus and T.J. McNeill as Wyatt.

Unfortunately I was not given any cast photo’s to show off these marvelous talents in this play. This is a great classic show with a really good cast and direction. Be sure to check them out at Fun for the whole family!

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