Keyes Star

Get Creative and Keyed Up For Keyes Star 2
Los Angeles, CA — Keyes Automotive wants your take on the Keyes jingle. Skit, song or parody, anything goes, as long as Keyes is in the mix. If you think you’re eureka moment can make you a star, then you’re just the talent to win big in this year’s Keyes Star 2 competition. The competition is going on now through May 29th. All you need is an idea and a digital

Keyes Star
Keyes Star

video recorder and you’re ready to get your show on the road; maybe even drive away in a brand new car! Entrants are invited to take a one-of-a-kind idea about the Keyes Automotive group and produce it to win! Looking for inspiration? Visit for clips of last year’s winning performances.

To enter, simply upload your video in AVI or MP3 format to before May 29th. Keyes will post the top 10 performances on the site and a winner will be chosen from the top 10 contestants. The grand prize winner will be contacted by CBS Radio and awarded a brand new car and the opportunity to star as a spokesperson in the next new Keyes on Van Nuys commercial.
There is a star among us and the search is on! Enter your video to win a brand new car from Keyes on Van Nuys. The Keyes Star 2 competition is in its second year running, and offers contestants young and old the opportunity to share their big idea and win a new car!
For more information on Keyes Automotive and the Keyes Star 2 competition and to view the competition rules, visit or contact Brian Caserta at 954.644.4218 or via email at
Keyes Automotive Group is a family owned and operated group of automotive dealerships that have been serving the San Fernando Valley for over 50 years. Consisting of 13 conveniently located dealerships, Keyes Automotive Group offers the largest selection of vehicles in Los Angeles and is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and community involvement. For more information on Keyes, visit or call (323) 930-4454.

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