More and more stories are popping up in the headlines where children are dying because the mother’s are too involved in Facebook, its applications, and games and where the social media giant is also an avenue for other types of crimes and publicity stunts.

Story 1: A 30 year old woman admitted to police that she was busy on Facebook while her 22 month old child was wandering the facilities. She has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and has $50,000 bail bonds. A local transport van was parked outside the woman’s complex and when the driver pulled away from the area, he ran over the 22 month old child. The child later died at the hospital from a crushed skull. The investigators asked the mother who she thought should have been watching the child and the mother replied, “me, obviously.”


Story 2: A 22 year old woman was playing Farmville which is a game that is played through Facebook. While she was playing, her 3 month old son was crying and wouldn’t stop. The woman ended up shaking the baby so much that the baby died from the assault. The woman pled with the judge stating that her baby dying is painful enough and that she still has aspirations, hopes and dreams. She was sentenced to 50 years in prison. This is the maximum penalty on second degree murder.

Story 3: A 34 year old woman was playing Café World which is another game that is played through Facebook. She placed her 13 month old son in the bathtub and then headed to the other room to play her game. After about 10 minutes of game time, she returned to the bathroom to find her son face down and making gurgling noises. She called 911 and the son was airlifted to the local hospital where the medical staff was not able to revive the toddler. Amazingly, the mother said this was not the first time she had left the child in the bath alone, in fact it happened a lot. She said that the boy enjoyed the independence and that she didn’t want him to become a “mama’s boy.” The woman has received 10 years in prison and another 5 years of probation after that.

Story 4: A 16 year old boy and reportedly a few others are a part of a brutal rape of a 16 year old girl. The video and images of the rape were posted on Facebook. So far two men have been arrested for the rape. Apparently the girl was drugged while at a rave, she was taken outside to the neighboring field and then repeatedly raped by the boys. Not only is the repeated rape unforgiving, but the posting of the event on Facebook is outlandish. This isn’t the first or last time the young kids of today have been so vain and beyond moral calculations.

Story 5: A 22 year old father of a newborn reports on Facebook the happiness of the new child. Then in updates on the wall the father continues to report the child having problems and requesting every one to pray for the new child for his life might be in danger. The mother’s Facebook echoes these sentiments. A few days later a 911 call is made and the Fire Department shows up and transports the child to the local hospital. The Sheriff’s office concludes that there were serious signs of abuse to the newborn. Even the death coincided with the coming from craniocerebral trauma. The death was ruled a homicide. Gillis is most likely being held on bail bonds and has requested an attorney.

Story 6: A 12 year old girl goes to Facebook to report a sexual assault by Mom’s ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend lived in the house in another room. The mom left the ex and her daughter behind as she went over to her new boyfriend’s house. After the mom left, the 42 year old ex came in to the 12 year old’s room and tried to pull off her pants. She beat up the ex and fled to her iPod which had Facebook on it. She sent out updates requesting help with regards to being sexually assaulted by her mom’s ex-boyfriend. The ex returned to the room and then did sexually assault her. He was arrested on 2 counts of sexual assault. This is normally $100,000 bail bonds and could face 60 years in jail. Later, the ex-boyfriend took his life in to his own hands and hung himself in the jail.

Facebook has changed many of our lives as we enter in to the summer of 2011, whether it’s for better or worse. Facebook can provide any person with a fair amount of power. The power coming from the quantity of followers that they have, say you have 2000 followers and post on your wall every now and then. That’s 2000 people you can provide a voice to and when taken advantage of, those 2000 can push your message to 2000 more and next thing you know, you’ve got a viral movement from the use of Facebook.

As we have seen in the cases listed here, Facebook can be addicting in many ways, whether its just selfish pleasure of reading updates and playing the games or for severe cases of immoral vanity.

As we move forward with Facebook in our lives one will find that the Facebook population is becoming less and less diverse and more predictable. After browsing the Facebook network for many days one will find three types of Facebook entities.

  1. Self administered, vain Facebook entities, with most efforts geared toward as many followers as possible whether it be for a moral purpose or immoral.
  2. Facebook entities that once flourished and are now becoming less and less involved, mostly derived from family and friend interest.
  3. Business Facebook entities with the efforts geared toward viral branding and loyal networking.

In an around these types of Facebook entities you’ll find various levels of the above but most will fall in to these three categories. Moving forward one will see extreme’s in all cases and the most interesting Facebook entities will be created by the 13-18 year old crowd who will use the social platform for both good and evil.

Our San Bernardino Bail Bonds company does have a Facebook account and therefore we fall in to one of the categories listed above. We don’t have many fans and even our Twitter account doesn’t have many followers. But our use of the two entities is mainly for SEO reasons so we are not very interested in the vain aspects of the websites.

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