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ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA — Traveling with your family is the best education you and your kids will ever receive. Hiking up active volcanoes, snorkeling with sea lions and seeking out the unique birds of the Galapagos is a once in a lifetime experience, and one that is more powerful when experienced together! We always look forward to our family departures with Ecoventura and to help your trip go smoothly we’ve put together some of our best tips for your next family vacation to the Galapagos.
#1 — Research Ecuadorian culture before you arrive
Use this as an opportunity to educate yourself and your family about a new country before you arrive. This way you can ask the guides more detailed questions and get more out of your trip.
#2 — Learn basic words in Spanish
Although all of our guides speak English, traveling to the Galapagos is a great opportunity to brush up on simple spanish words like please, thank you, hello and goodbye. Paired with a smile, these can go a long way when you are speaking to locals. If you already know basic spanish, challenge yourself to have conversations with people you meet on your trip.

#3 — Make sure everyone in the family has good shoes
For our family departures we pick the longer trails and have less downtime during the day as to cater to a more youthful and active group. Come prepared with great walking shoes, and if you get the chance, practice going on a few longer hikes together as a family before you arrive.
#4 — Aim to Travel Green
Ecoventura stresses the importance of sustainable travel and taking care of our ecosystem. As a family you can help support this with simple actions such as using the refillable water bottles that are given to you while on board, removing the packaging from your toiletries before you arrive and taking all garbage back with you to the mainland, so you don’t leave any in Galapagos.
#5 — Expect other families
One of the benefits to joining our designated family or family teen departures is that you can rest assured your kids will have other kids to spend time with on the trip and you will have other parents to connect with. Having similar aged children allows our naturalist to bring the islands to life in an active and age specific way for your kids.

#6 — Practice snorkeling in a pool before you arrive
Will this be your first time snorkeling? You don’t want to show up unprepared! Practicing early in a pool will help you and your kids jump into the ocean when they arrive, and feel comfortable with the snorkel. This will allow the entire family  to experience all that the Galapagos has to offer underwater!
#7 — Bring wildlife books with you
At night or during our afternoon breaks, spend time with your kids looking up what animals they have seen and what is left for them to find. You can help them stay more engaged with the trip by giving them a goal to find as many animals as possible and learning unique facts about all of the endemic wildlife.
#8 — RELAX!
We have everything taken care of. We have the activities planned out, the kid-friendly meals served on schedule, with plenty of healthy snacks ready so the kids don’t get hungry. We will take care of your family in the Galapagos so you can enjoy your vacation! (


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