Visit Ecuador, Visit the Galapagos Islands, Snorkel South America

By Scott Thornburn, Travel Writer

There are certain things that must be done in this lifetime.  Everyone has their own personal bucket list.  Some would consider having afternoon tea in London while discussing the state of the monarchy to be a must-do, for others it’s going on a safari in East Africa and some dream of scuba diving the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.  I say do them all, and check those lifetime trips off your bucket list.

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When it comes to visiting the Galapagos Islands, the crew of family-owned and operated Ecoventura will not leave you disappointed. In fact, they will make sure your week-long adventure cruise throughout the Galapagos Islands is one of the best experiences you will ever have. For intrepid travelers who believe that the neatest thing about traveling the world is seeing strange and exciting new things, these remarkable islands will rank among the coolest places on planet Earth.

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For more than two decades, Ecoventura has shared the enchantment of the Galapagos Islands, our planet’s most precious and unique ecosystem, with thousands of travelers, enriching lives with an extraordinary profusion of exotic and often endemic flora and fauna. As a family-owned expedition cruise company, Ecoventura is committed to providing their guests an authentic experience in small, compatible groups, offering good value as well as a safe and memorable, mind-expanding voyage.

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With both its owner and operator based in Ecuador, the company has full control over the consistently high quality of experience provided on the fleet of their four expedition vessels: three identical superior first-class 20-passenger motor yachts, Eric, Flamingo and Letty; and the 16-passenger luxury dive live-aboard, Galapagos Sky, all custom-built in Ecuador for cruising the Galapagos Islands.

Ecoventura was born out of a desire to offer small groups the most inspiring wildlife experience possible in the Galapagos while offering hands-on exploration of nature with enough varied activities sure to leave a lasting impression in each guest’s life. You can hike along trails through volcanic formations or nesting sea birds, spend time on a secluded beach with hundreds of sea lions, snorkel with penguins and sharks, kayak in a secluded cove or take a zodiac ride to explore the shoreline and spot wildlife.

The staff at Ecoventura understands that the islands’ ecosystems are fragile, yet important, environments. With profound respect and admiration, everyone gains a renewed spirit about how amazing nature can be on every journey. And they know first-hand the impact these adventures have on sustaining local communities. In 2000, Ecoventura volunteered to be the first company to be certified as Smart Voyager, an ecological program developed by The Rainforest Alliance. It was a commitment to make costly improvements such as desalinating units and four stroke outboards at a time when tourism numbers were lower. In 2006, the company partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to create the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund, and has since raised more than $300,000 for marine conservation and environmental education for local children. Carbon emissions were lowered through carbon offsetting and installation of alternative energy sources. In 2012, Ecoventura partnered with Ecology Project International to provide local teens with a field course in conservation.

Ecoventura continues to lead the way and hopefully inspire others toward a more sustainable operation. “We want to give our passengers the assurance that Ecoventura has taken every measure to ensure that passengers enjoy a safe, thrilling adventure without harming the unique wildlife or the fragile environment. We all live in this world and breath the same air, the least we can do is try to preserve it for our children and future generations to come,” said Santiago Dunn, President of Ecoventura.

When it comes to visiting Ecuador and snorkeling and scuba diving the Galapagos Islands, there is no better company than Ecoventura.  It is time to plan your bucket list trip of a lifetime adventure. It will make your friends and co-workers jealous, and leave your family members wishing you took them with you.  (For more information, please visit

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