Congressman Tony Cardenas

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA — U.S. Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley) released the following statement following President Obama’s speech Thursday night, detailing the executive actions being taken by the Administration to protect undocumented workers.

“The President committed to protecting the men and women who work hard and contribute to our country, but who live in the shadows,” said Cárdenas. “Tonight, he has finally followed through. This step would not have been needed if our House could follow the Senate and pass the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill. Since we have not done our job, the President has done his, committing to multiple legal, effective techniques to help jumpstart our economy, by giving certainty to millions of workers, their families and their employers.

“I commend President Obama, and I encourage Speaker Boehner to make the President’s efforts unnecessary, by passing comprehensive reform before the end of this Congress.”

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