In an effort keep guns out of the wrong hands, three top California law enforcement officials began sending letters to all Los Angeles gun buyers. The letter, sent last week by City Attorney Trutanich, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and California Attorney Kamala Harris to gun buyers during the state’s 10-day waiting period between when a gun is purchased and when it can be picked-up, outlines gun-owner responsibility to report the transfer, sale, loss or theft of a firearm to the state Department of Justice or be prosecuted.

“We have a gun violence epidemic in America and I want to do all that I can as City Attorney in Los Angeles to help change that fact,” said City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. “If you choose to own a gun, we want to make sure that you store it safely, keep it locked up and away from children, and if you sell it or it’s stolen that the sale or theft be reported.”

The gun-buyer letter program began with a federal Project Safe Neighborhoods grant, and will continue with local resources. The City Attorney’s Office goal is to make sure that gun buyers and owners know that they must store their guns safely, keep them locked up and away from children, and if the gun is to be sold or if it is stolen, the sale or theft must be reported.


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