James Van Alstine

Here’s news that may make you feel like applauding. Second Chance Armor, Inc., a leading manufacturer of concealable body armor, announced that it has reached an historic milestone. Its bullet-resistant vests have now saved the lives of 1,000 law enforcement personnel.

James Van Alstine
A major safety milestone was reached when police officer James Van Alstine became the 1,000th person whose life was saved by a Second Chance bullet- resistant vest.

The milestone was reached when a police officer from Acworth, Georgia was shot in the chest during a traffic stop. According to the Acworth Police Department, Officer James Van Alstine’s Second Chance vest “absolutely, without a doubt” saved his life. The body armor manufacturer, Second Chance, has been tracking its documented “saves” since 1972, and is currently observing over 30 years of providing superior protection for law enforcement personnel.

In another incident, Sergeant Ed Hinchey, a Pennsylvania police officer, explains how a bullet-resistant vest saved his life: “An ex-husband took his wife and little girl hostage. They managed to escape. I got in between him and the mother-in-law and was not able to de-escalate the situation. He drew a gun-shot me three times. And my vest saved my life.” According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police/ DuPont Kevlar Survivors’ Club, there is a total of 3,003 documented saves throughout the body armor industry.

A “save” is defined as an incident when body armor has prevented its wearer from being disabled or killed. “We’re dedicated to saving lives, and being able to say that we have saved 1,000 officers, more than any body armor manufacturer in history, is quite a milestone,” said Gary Lemanski, division vice president, Armor Holdings Products Group, which includes Second Chance Armor, Inc. “We are fully committed to providing law enforcement officers with vests that are manufactured of the highest quality, and this milestone shows the value of that enduring commitment.” To learn more, visit www. secondchance.com. (Provided by NAPSI)

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