LOS ANGELES – Continuing his work to confront the myriad consumer issues tied to the pandemic, City Attorney Mike Feuer announced today that his office is suing LA-based Insan Healing and CEO Angela Oh for having allegedly advertised and sold “Radish Paste” to protect lungs and prevent COVID-19. The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction to stop the sale of this product, appropriate restitution and civil penalties.

“We’ve got to stop those who use the fear fueled by the COVID-19 crisis to prey on people desperate to avoid the virus,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “Today it’s radish paste, which the defendants peddled as, ‘a must-have product for the protection and prevention of the COVID-19, cold and flu season.’ We allege that claim is false, and we’re taking the defendants to court. In this public health emergency, consumers are entitled to accurate information. Their lives may depend on it.”

Feuer also warns consumers to be wary of products promising to treat or protect against COVID-19 because there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved COVID-19 medical countermeasures.

The defendant, KNATURE CO., Inc, doing business as Insan Healing, Inc., is a California Corporation based in Los Angeles, which claimed on its website that its radish paste protects from and prevents COVID-19.

By having claimed that its Radish Paste is “a must-have product for the protection and prevention of COVID-19,” that can “keep your lungs and respiratory strong,” Insan Healing allegedly gave the false or misleading impression that its Radish Paste is a bona fide drug for sale in California and therefore an FDA-approved countermeasure against the virus. The FDA drug registration database, however, has no drugs registered by Insan Healing, including Radish Paste.

The lawsuit filed by Feuer seeks a permanent injunction to stop the sale of Radish Paste, civil penalties in the amount of $2,500 for each violation of the California Business and Professions Code sections 17200 and 17500 and restitution to each of the customers who bought the product.

Consumers can report instances of COVID-related cons and price gouging online or by calling 213-978-8070.

This case is being litigated by the City Attorney Criminal and Special Litigation Branch, including Will Rivera, Deputy Chief; Christina Tusan, Supervising Deputy City Attorney; and Deputy City Attorneys William Pletcher, Rebecca Morse, Miguel Ruiz, Carr Tekosky and Alex Bergjans.

City Attorney Feuer collaborated on this case with the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA). A member of the Task Force working on COVID-19 matters, DCBA is led by Director Joseph M. Nicchitta. Senior Investigator Taryn Lyon led the investigation for DCBA.

Read the complaint here.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in Los Angeles in early March, City Attorney Mike Feuer has been a national leader in grappling with the wide-array of COVID-19 related issues, including:

  • Targeting price gougers on Amazon and in brick and mortar stores;

  • Cracking down on three different sets of companies and individuals selling unapproved and/or fraudulent COVID-19 test kits;

  • Forming the Joint Coronavirus Task Force with LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey;

  • Launching the #BehindClosedDoors campaign to help victims of in-home crimes amid the crisis;

  • Partnering with Mayor Eric Garcetti on “LA Represents” which gives legal assistance to Angelenos facing hardships;

  • Hosting the Hate Crime Prevention Forum in response to hate incidents targeting the Asian American Pacific Islander community;

  • Enforcing the Safer at Home Order for nonessential businesses, and defending the Order against challenges from gun rights groups.

Learn more at www.lacityattorney.org/covid19.

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