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BANDON, OR — Rest up and restock in Bandon. Cyclists traveling the Oregon Coast will find all the amenities for the perfect layover on the south coast. World class beaches and a temperate climate may suffice to entice you to cool your heels. But Bandon also has bike friendly resources, and the convenient geography makes it easy to get around by foot or bike.

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New installations make cyclists feel even more welcome in Bandon. A cyclist section was unveiled at Bullards Beach State Park in 2014. Tidy campsites are equipped with lockers and a mounted bike stand for tune-ups. The new First Street cycle stop in Old Town lets cyclists park and walk to the beaches and waterfront, shopping and dining.
Features include a repair stand, mechanical air pump, bike racks and benches, with storage lockers and an electric charging station coming soon.

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If your wheels need a little extra attention, visit South Coast Bicycles for gear and repairs. Laundry and grocery facilities are just blocks away.  Stroll the beach. Relax. Upload your latest pics. No matter how you spend your time in Bandon, you’ll hit the road refreshed and ready to climb back in the saddle.

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