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BANDON, OR — The  ocean  sweeps  Bandon  beaches  twice  every  day, revealing a fresh canvas for labyrinth artist Denny Dyke.

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What began as a solo pastime has grown to a community experience: Dyke invites the public to share in the design, grooming the paths with a staff and a set of rakes. More than 100 beachgoers walked Dyke’s 2015 New Year labyrinth.
“The more people visit me on the sand, the more it keeps me coming back,” said Dyke.

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Labyrinths are an ancient form of walkable art, designed for  meditation  and  reflection.  On  the  Bandon  beach,  the twisting  paths  mimic  the  tidal  ebb  and  flow,  turning  and returning. No two labyrinths are the same.
When people work to co-create labyrinths, the collaboration can be more meaningful than the walk, observes Michelle Duarte, co owner of WildSpring Guest Habitat in Port Orford. Labyrinths  are  among  the  guest  amenities  at  award-winning destinations such as WildSpring and Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

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At  WildSpring,  Michelle  and  Dean  Duarte  offer  guests a  unique  experience  of  luxurious  lodging  within  an  eco-sensitive  wooded  hillside  retreat  overlooking  the  Pacific.
Together with walking trails and open air sitting rooms, the labyrinth encourages guests to take time for reflection in the out-of-doors.
“We love walking labyrinths,” said Duarte. “It’s just one of the many features that we want guests to enjoy if so moved.”

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