SACRAMENTO, CA — Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D — San Fernando Valley) issued the following statement in response to Governor Newsom’s proposed 2020-2021 Budget:


“I applaud Governor Newsom’s commitment to addressing homelessness and look forward to working with him to provide additional state resources to address this urgent crisis. At the same time, we must include metrics to ensure real accountability, swift action, and demonstrated results from local governments that receive state funding. The current situation and lack of progress in many cities and counties is simply unacceptable. California residents, taxpayers, businesses, and those suffering on our streets deserve better.”


Jesse Gabriel serves in the Assembly Leadership as Assistant Majority Whip. He represents the 45th Assembly District, which includes much of the west San Fernando Valley. Assemblymember Gabriel currently serves on the Committees on Appropriations, Banking and Finance, Higher Education, Housing and Community Development, and Privacy and Consumer Protection.

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