Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian

The Valley’s Largest Neighborhood Council is Partnering with Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian to Address Immigration Issues this October 29th

VAN NUYS, CA — The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council has officially confirmed the participation of Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian in its October Immigration Summit. This important workshop will focus on immigration issues and helping the majority immigrant community make adjustments to their immigration status.  The Immigration Summit is being held on Wednesday, October 29th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm at 6262 Van Nuys Boulevard in Van Nuys, CA.

“From the moment Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian was sworn in to represent Van Nuys in the State Legislature, he has reached out and worked with the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council. He has personally attended several of our general meetings, and always has a staff member there taking notes and listening to our concerns.  It will be a great privilege to work with the Assemblymember on our upcoming Immigration Summit, and I hope it will be well attended by the residents and stakeholders of Van Nuys,” said Council President George Christopher Thomas.

“The population trends in Van Nuys show that our neighborhoods have increasingly become a community of Hispanics and Latinos.  They make up the majority of the population, and many of them are foreign born and are English language deficient.  We plan on increasing English language proficiency through partnerships with local non-profits and similar organizations that teach English.  We are also going to start distributing bilingual materials and assistance for both government and social services,” said Council President George Christopher Thomas.

“We are going to get more Hispanic and Latino constituents involved in the neighborhood council.  The majority of the population in Van Nuys speaks Spanish as a first language, and our council will continue to represent all of the people in Van Nuys and throughout the San Fernando Valley,” said Council President Thomas.

The VNNC’s Summit and Workshop on Immigration is set for Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.  The location will be the Marvin Braude Constituent Services Center at 6262 Van Nuys Boulevard.  The VNNC is currently seeking co-sponsors and speakers for the summit.  If you would like to participate, please email Council President George Christopher Thomas at  For more information about the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, please visit

Adrin Nazarian is a product of the San Fernando Valley. He grew up here, graduated from a local Valley school before receiving his BA degree in Economics from UCLA in 1996.  Adrin served as chief of staff to Councilmember Paul Krekorian, who represents the communities of Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, North Hollywood and Valley Glen, before being elected to the State Assembly. Previously, Adrin had served as chief of staff to then-Assistant Majority Leader Paul Krekorian in the California State legislature, representing the communities of North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Valley Glen and Toluca Lake among others, since 2006.

Adrin developed his passion for public service from an early age and while in college decided to volunteer in as many places he could to better understand in what arena he would apply himself. A life altering experience was when he applied to become an interviewer of battered and abused women at the San Fernando Valley Superior Court Domestic Violence Clinic unit as a summer internship job. There he saw first-hand the results of what happens in the privacy of homes, taking down reports in order to submit restraining orders on behalf of the victims. This experience stayed with Adrin, which years later lead him to sit on the YWCA Board, and has influenced each of his policy making roles in public service.

Upon graduating UCLA, Adrin participated in the prestigious CORO Fellowship in Public Affairs program. From 1997-1999, Adrin served as an aide to Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), assisting him with business and labor community issues.

In 1999, former Governor Gray Davis appointed Adrin as Special Assistant to the California Trade and Commerce Agency. During his tenure at the agency, he helped establish the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation, which focused on creating and maintaining technology based jobs in California.

Adrin believes in civic engagement and the importance of giving back to his community, he has served on the boards of several community based organizations including the East Valley YMCA and the YWCA. Adrin was one of the founding members of Generation Next Mentorship program which worked with local public schools to give young people alternatives to a life of gangs and drugs.

Adrin and his wife, Diana, live in Sherman Oaks with their sons Alex and David.

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