van nuys parking

Q I am a CPA and set up Corporations.  One of my clients has the name Ghost Pics, and I got a letter from another company

van nuys parking
Rene Francisco & Tito Quiambao, two of the gentlemen who run VAN NUYS PARKING off of Friar St. Say hello and Salamat.

saying they have trademarked “Ghost Pictures,” what is the law on this? -Haig from Glendale.

A Well this is a bit tricky, because the answer is whatever the law was interpreted as being most recently… you see?  The company who has the trademark has that on a federal level.  And that supersedes just setting up a corporation on the state level.  This would mean that he can sue you for using any likeness of the name.  Now you might win in the trial, but you would have to go through the entire court process.  Ask your client if they wouldn’t mind changing the name, just to be on the safe side.

Q There is nowhere to park around the Government Center.  I am afraid of getting a ticket.  Where can I park if I have to be here for longer than a few minutes?  I would rather pay $4.40 to park than a $38 ticket. -Mark, Canoga Park

A The best place to park is off of Friar St.  It is right across the street from the Used Book Store and is really, really close to the Court.  In fact, look for these two gentlemen, pictured right.  They are very helpful and will make sure your car remains secure while you are having fun at the Van Nuys Civic Center.  And for a full day, it only costs $4.40.  You can’t beat that deal with a stick, so look for Tito Quiambao & Rene Francisco, and they will take care of you.  The best place to park in Van Nuys!

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