SUP in Oahu

HONOLULU, HAWAII — If you are looking for adventure and something new to brag about around the water cooler, then the Friday night “GLOWPADDLE” with Endless Adventures in Honolulu should be by far the top pick on your next Hawaii vacation.


They are the only company that offers this wonderful experience.  Imagine watching the “Aloha Friday Fireworks Show” over Waikiki while simultaneously doing a night stand up paddle board adventure.  This is a great way to kick off your hoiday, and Endless Adventures is the only company in Hawaii that offers the GLOWPADDLE experience.


This is the newest exciting adventurous activity, and the Glopaddle Night paddleboard tour is surely to get your heart racing. Their Sunset evening tour takes place in Waikiki under the city lights. They provide specialized paddleboards that are geared with powerful underwater LED lights that provide a spectacular underwater view at night while you paddle around. With the sunset backdrop, it will truly make you feel apart of the Hawaiian setting.  Special Friday night tours showcase the spectacular firework show as the grand finale of the tour. (Friday Firework Show  $149pp Group 2+ $ 120pp)  Reservations  contact 808-497-9049. (

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