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KAUAI, HAWAII — ActivityKauai.Com is an online marketplace designed to incorporate “All Things Kauai”. This Ecommerce website, provides BOTH the resident and traveler of Kauai with the highest quality tours, activities, and local products at a reasonable price. Through information, education, photo, and video media, we ensure our guests will find the best adventure, engagement, or experience, suited to fit their needs as a group or individual.

“Our company provides a tool to help individuals, couples, families, and corporate organizations create  personalized vacation itineraries, from start to finish. Once you decide which type of activity is right for you, we pride ourselves on making them happen easily and seamlessly. works closely with Kauai tour operators to ensure a quality product,” said Aaron Martin.

“Our company believes in living ‘pono’(righteously). This includes our relationships with island environments, tour providers, customers,  and the culture. also works closely with the Kauai community to take care of it’s people and perpetuate the aloha spirit,” said Martin.
Who is Owner/Founder Aaron Martin?  Owner/Founder of AK.Com,  Aaron Martin is a long term Kauai guide who has worked in all aspects of Kauai’s unique tourism industry. Aaron’s goal was to build a tool that ensures the right people get the right experience.

“We believe our product descriptions, video, and photo media are one of kind. This content is designed to put the power of choice into the hands of the consumer, guaranteeing the activity you choose would also choose you. After years of video, photography, writing, editing, and participating in Kauai’s special tourism industry, we feel confident giving you the tools to succeed is the key to a great experience.  We look forward to being ‘Your Source for All Things Kauai.’ said Aaron Martin.

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