KONA, HAWAII — In the year 2000, the good people at Discount Hawaii Car Rental set out to promote tourism in the Hawaiian Islands.  Their goal was to offer affordable accommodations and car rentals for everyone visiting Hawaii.

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The company was born out of necessity and feedback from those renting condos from the company.  Their condo clients found they were locked in to renting cars at higher prices than normal, and were unable to cancel or modify the reservation.  Discount Hawaii Car Rentals saw a need for their service, and this great company was formed.  Their mission is to offer personalized service and the lowest rates anyone can find on rates for renting a vehicle in Hawaii.

Throughout their 14 years in business, they have become the largest authorized broker of discounted Hawaii car rental rates.  This has enabled them to have even better deals than when they started in 2000.

Success breeds imitators, and just by looking at their google numbers is a testament to the low rates and quality service they provide.  Google now shows over 11,700,000 results when searching for “Discount Hawaii Car Rental.”

(For more information on the company, or renting a car in Hawaii, please visit www.discounthawaiicarrental.com)

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