500,000 shoppers know why they flock to Grand Bazaar NYC for their shopping needs from over 1,000 rotating vendors

New York, NY – Grand Bazaar NYC (100 W 77th Steet, Upper West Side) is a treasure that keeps getting better and bigger with age and which continues to give generously. Besides being the largest, oldest, and most diverse and dynamic market in New York City here are some lesser-known details.

  •       Over 70% of the vendors can change from one week to another, between 100-150 vendors will rotate. For example, on a handmade event 70% of the vendors make their products themselves, and on a vintage event 70% of the vendors sell vintage goods.
  •     Every Sunday different themed events are organized with many new and theme-specific vendors. The events range from art, vintage, artisanal foods, handmade crafts, home décor, Halloween, upcycled, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, ice cream and food truck fest, international, to the Grand Holiday Bazaar.
  •     The food truck and ice cream fest are the largest in New York City with up to 25,000 attendees.
  •     It’s a curated market, the largest in New York City, with up to 220 vendors on any given Sunday.
  •     Annually over 500,000 shoppers visit the market and over 1,000 rotating local artists, designers, craft-makers, vintage and specialty dealers, and food entrepreneurs participate.
  •     It’s open 51 Sundays a year.
  •     It’s the only indoor and outdoor market in NYC.
  •     It is a dual mission-based market, operating as a not-for-profit. 100% of its net profits, generated from vendor fees, are donated to four local public schools, benefiting over 2,000 children. The second part of its mission is to provide much-needed affordable retail space to independent local artisans, specialty dealers, and food entrepreneurs. Often giving them their first retail/vending experience.
  •     Vendors are selected based on the weekly themed event; the quality of creativity, craftsmanship, design, and how distinctive, one-of-a-kind, and rare their offerings are. Thus, creating a highly diverse and unique shopping experience with most goods not found elsewhere.
  •     The most fun event is the Spooky Bazaar for Halloween where many of the vendors dress up in costume and the market is decorated with ghosts and creepy crawlers. Many of the shoppers also come dressed in amazing costumes.  
  •     The most colorful events are the International Bazaar and the Eat & Shop Around the World Bazaar where local specialty vendors sell goods from their home country. Everything from colorful handmade garments and baskets from Africa and Latin America, Asian art and fashion accessories, Japanese kimonos, Middle Eastern and Indian silk rugs, and a variety of delicious bites to eat.
  •     At the end of the year, the Grand Holiday Bazaar hosts between 300-350 participating vendors over four Sundays. It is the most diverse holiday market in NYC with the most vendors, and the only indoor and outdoor holiday market.
  •     Special guest pop-ups take place within the market. For example, the NY Handmade Collective (formerly NY Etsy Street Team) brings 2-3 times a year 20-40 of their top makers to the handmade and crafts events.
  •     In addition to the weekly market, it organizes several pop-up markets throughout the city. Example, lunch food fests in midtown on Avenue of the Americas.
  •     The market is called a “bazaar” as it is an artist, craft, designer, vintage, antique, flea, and food market all combined. Bringing the best and most interesting vendors of each category together on a weekly basis. Every Sunday there is always something new to discover.  
  •     All photos posted on social media, the website, and the event pages were taken at the market. No studio or stock photos are used. What you see is real and authentic.
  •     The award-winning TV (HGTV) show Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer was many times filmed at Grand Bazaar NYC.
  •     In 2016, the market changed its name and its type of market. After 37 years, GreenFlea Market, a neighborhood flea market, turned into the largest and most dynamic curated market in New York City, Grand Bazaar NYC. It adjusted to the demographic, sociographic, economic changes, and consumer trends that took place over the years in the surrounding neighborhood and the city. It set a long-term vision to become the market that represents New York City with the best and most unique curation of local artists, designers, craft-makers, vintage and specialty dealers, and food entrepreneurs. All while still fulfilling its generous mission. 
  •     The benefiting schools are PS 87, The Computer School, PS 334, and M.S. M247 Dual Language Middle School benefit. 100% of the net profits benefit over 2,000 public school children by providing them with much-needed school supplies, books, art, and various enrichment programs.


“The most rewarding part of the job is to see vendors do well with what they passionately love doing. When a food vendor tells us that they sold out or that they picked up a catering gig, or when a craft-maker sells a $1,200 radio or table, or an artist sells their original artwork we know that we are doing good. Also, overhearing visitors say, ‘This is an amazing market.’, or ‘This was fun. We should do this again.’ feels good after a 13–15-hour day at the market.”, said Marc Seago, Executive Director.

Grand Bazaar NYC is located at 100 W. 77th Street at Columbus Avenue. The market is open every Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm. For more information visit, www.GrandBazaarNYC.org.

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